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Robin Schmieden
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Robin Schmieden Räudige Typen. <3 Favorite track: Illusions (Ilūzijas).
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released November 21, 2014



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Bell'sche Parese Munich, Germany

Post-Metal from Munich, Germany.


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Track Name: Illusions (Ilūzijas)
Darkness, weakness, sorrows
Never ending searching for inspiration
Forgetting that we are still alive

Like pollution in the sea, we drift through our society
How much do we have left – a glimpse or an eternity?
One blink of an eye and we all turn into dust
Carried by wind

Forgotten in nihility
Long forgotten
Our existence long gone

Hopeless love
Sick affections

It will never end
It won't pass away
Track Name: Blind (Akls)

(apzināties, ka esam bezspēcīgi. Ka dienu no dienas. Bez gribas un varas. Mēs eksistējam citā pasaulē. Mēs dzīvojam citā realitātē. apātija. Kad iestājies ir mirst un vējš ir norimis, izdziest gaisma un palieku viens, dzirdot tikai sirdspukstus, bet tie paliek arvien klusāki un klusāki, līdz tie pazud pavisam, klusums un tumsa apvij tik manas kliedzošās domas, tās atbalsojas, atgriežas, paliek! Apzināties, bet tomēr nerīkoties, stāvēt malā, aizvērt acis un nelikties ne zinis! Bezspēcīgs, kontrolēts vai apmānīts. Mēs esam akli, kurli, mēmi. Atbrīvo mus, norauj musu važas. Mēs esam bezspēcīgi. bez elpas, bez siltuma, bez garšas. tukšas čaulas, pilnas mēsliem. bez sirds, bez dvašas, bez saprāta. bēdz)

english translation:

Realize that we are powerless
From day to day without will and power
We exist in a different world
We live in an alternate reality

At the time of death the wind has ceased
All lights go out except for one, only the heartbeats can be heard
But they are getting quieter and quieter, until they disappear altogether
Silence and darkness so blatantly surround my thoughts
Their echoes are returning to remain

Aware, but not acting
Standing back, closing your eyes and ignoring
Helpless, controlled or fooled

We are blind, deaf, dumb
Blind, deaf, dumb (3x)
Free us from our shackles
We are powerless